Women’s Mini Enduro

Join us for the first-ever Mid Week MTB Women’s Mini Enduro presented by Bingham Cyclery and WomenMTB on July 18!

Women’s Mini Enduro Start List

This 2-stage “mini enduro” race is open to women of all ages, ability levels, and riding experience.

Everything you need to know about the event is right here, and Mid Week MTB, Bingham Cyclery, and WomenMTB are collaborating on some pre-event clinics and tutorials for new riders. Stay tuned!

Mini Enduros are really fun, and we want you to have an awesome evening of racing and riding!

Learn the basics of racing a mini enduro, how to navigate tricky sections of trail, and also meet other women who will be racing! Join a WomenMTB clinic and show up to the start of Stage 1 ready to party! https://womenmtb.com/clinics/

Event Overview
Location: High Star Ranch, 976 UT-32, Kamas, UT 84036

Check-in: 4:00pm-6:30pm (This event requires online pre-registration. There will be no on-site registration)

Race Times: Racing will start at the top of Stage 1 at 6:00pm. Rider intervals to be determined by course length and total number of riders. Each rider will be assigned a start time. Watch for an email the week before the race!

Raffle: At Mid Week MTB, we host a raffle for all racers who enter the event after the final rider crosses the finish line.

Race Results: Results are tabulated and emailed to all participants the day after the race. Bingham Cyclery and WomenMTB will be awarding the top finishers in each category.

Course Map









Rider Categories
Pick the category that best describes your riding ability.

Pro/Expert: You feel confident riding any type of terrain at speed, and are always trying to find ways to ride faster. You have raced a bike before.

Sport: You love riding most terrain and you’ll pedal where you can. You may or may not have raced a bike before, but you ride mountain bikes a lot on your own or with friends.

Beginner: You enjoy riding mountain bikes, and are getting the hang of riding new trails. You either haven’t raced before or if you have raced, you are newer to it. You may be new to mountain biking in general, or new to the type of race where only the descent is timed.

NICA (13-18): This category is for teens who may or may not be on a NICA team. If you are a teen who prefers to race in the Pro/Expert, Sport, or Beginner category, that is great! But, there is also this category for younger riders who would like to compete against racers in their age group. You can be new to riding, or be an experienced racer.

Youth 12 & Under: This category is for racers who can complete the two stages on their own without parental assistance. If assistance is needed to get to the top of Stage 1, that is permitted. But the racer should be comfortable riding the Stages solo.

(The Race Director reserves the right to split or combine categories as needed before 4:00pm on race day)

What is a “Mini Enduro”?
This race consists of 2 timed stages, and those two stages are mostly downhill.

You have to pedal to the start of each stage, but there is no pressure to climb quickly. (You just need to arrive before a designated cut-off time).

Each timed descending stage will vary from 4-6 minutes or so, depending on trail conditions and rider ability. Each rider completes each stage once, starting with Stage 1, and then moving on to Stage 2.

The total time of the two stages is your finish time.

Have questions? Email jackie@midweekmtb.com

At Bingham Cyclery, we believe in strengthening the fabric of the local community and to bringing the joy of riding into the hands of many. We focus on you as a rider and the local area as a riding mecca, we work hard to give you the roads, trails, teams, clubs, service, education and rides to help create the most successful cycling version of yourself possible. With four locations along the Wasatch Front, we get to call many communities “ours.” Add hundreds of miles of prime singletrack and endless rural roads and you get a pretty fantastic place to call home! Ride with us, and have some fun doing it!

WomenMTB is the place for women to find other women who love bikes. We hope that making connections, building skills and simply riding together lead to women feeling confident and excited about themselves. Join us for skills clinics, encouraging group rides, fun social events, a positive community and so much more.


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