2013 Season Comes to End

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12 Races + 5 Venues = Best Season Yet

We started the 2013 season in April, in the SLC valley at Corner Canyon, then we moved on up to Round Valley & Deer Valley Resort for May + June, then we threw in a new amazing venue, Snowbird Resort, and we topped it all off in August at 8,000 feet amongst the timber & moose at Solitude Resort. If you thought that was the best season yet, just wait until 2014 take way.

As a result of the amazing participation the MidWeekMTB -race series’s dedicated community we where able to contribute the following:

  • 200+ hours of trail volunteer work spread between Park City & Solitude Resort
  • $1,000 cash donated the Mountain Trails Foundation in collaboration with Deer Valley Resort
  • $500 cash donated to the Cottonwood Canyons Foundation in collaboration with Snowbird Resort
  • And JUST at the final race, $7,000 in cash awarded to the top podium finishers & another estimated $8,000 in sponsored prizes spread throughout the raffle & nomination awards.
  • Not to mention the grin contribution our riders that they offered family and friends on race day.

Mark Miller Subaru
A big shout-out to Mark Miller Subaru, the  2013 Title Sponsor, who not only have some amazing BBQ’n talents, but have been essential to the series success.

Applause and salutations to our 3 extraordinary venue sponsors, Salt Cycles Salt Cycles(Corner Canyon & Snowbird) + White Pine Touring White Pine Touring(Round Valley & Deer Valley Resort) + Fezzari Fezzari Bikes(Solitude Resort). These shops and their dedicated emps who never failed to support each race with great vibes & killer raffle goods go above and beyond to stoke out the series.

Big Ups to the Young Riders Organization Young Riders – not only for supporting us with Deb Lovci (our wondrous kids coach) but also for helping champion our races with volunteers.

Additionally we’d like to offer some high’5s (down-low + up-high) to: Jaybird Gear, Ramp Sports, Utah Vacation Homes, RaceLeap, Kuhl Clothing, Scheels, Atmosphere Studios, Shimano-Pearl Izumi, Athletic Republic & DNA Cycling.

And a big Aloha Shoka to: ProGold Lubricants, Ellsworth Bicycles, Vega Sport, SAG Belts, Competitive Cyclists, Beardo Wear, Automated Business Products, Revolution Bicycles, Monkeylectric, Epic Brewing, Summit Bike Club, Complete Nutrition, Ski Utah, Static, Snowbird Resort, Deer Valley Resort & Solitude Resorts.

Without the corroboration of our 2013 sponsors mentioned above our grin factor would be no where near as huge – support those who support the series you love.

We’d also like to thank all of our volunteers, without their help, the races would not operate as smoothly nor be as fun as they are – SO THANK YOU!

The 2013 Podium Finishers

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-> All Race Pics Viewable Here

Final Season Results Found Here

Race #11 coming up

Trail Volunteers

Trail VolunteersCash Purse Payout Announced: $7,000
— what? what?  that’s right – 7k folks

Coming off a great weekend. A new (and never raced) course was created & a day making use of our time with Solitude’s trail crew where we got to refine some Solitude trail.

First up, thanks to our trail volunteers (and their family’s) + Solitude’s Kieth & Kyle – for helping us fix some water worn areas on Kruzer & Serenity trails. Pics Here

Secondly, we’ve got a great new course marked out for Race #11 – new laps & uphill 2bl track finish – study up, don’t get nominated as the 2013 MidWeekMTB “Navigator” — but DO vote for who you think should be awarded that title, amongst a whole host of others.  For all of you new to the MidWeekMTB series, we like to nominate (with your help) special awards & present them at the last race of the season. Take a sec & submit your votes ( send us an email info@midweekmtb.com or fill out a ballot at the next race.)  We need the following for nominations (nominate a racer by Name or race plate # , don’t know the name or plate#? check out the race photos here )

    — Nomination Categories —

  • King of the Hill
  • Queen of the Hill
  • Most Mechanicals Issues During the Season
  • 2013 MidWeekMTB Race Family
  • Racer with the Biggest Grin / Best Attitude
  • Biggest or Best Wipe Out (who and when)
  • Otter Pop Connoisseur
  • Racer who is All About the Hole Shot (but who may then quickly move to the back of the pack)
  • Post Race Hydration Team or Individual
  • Navigator (despite great course marking, has trouble sticking on the course)
  • Over Achiever (seems to do additional mileage/laps or vert)
  • Best Technical Support (helping with ops or gear tweaking)

Please note, Tuesday’s weather is talking of thunderstorms, the trails need some moisture, but if we get too saturated we will announce it on Facebook – (still haven’t gotten the Twitter account transferred over yet… — give Jay a hard time and we’ll get it faster 🙂

Following the race will be another Solitude Resort BBQ — Additionally expect to see a much fatter raffle table – all thanks to Fezzari Bicycles Fezzari Bikes (the MidWeekMTB Solitude sponsor), Kuhl Clothing Kuhl Clothing, Scheels Scheels, ProGold ProGold, Ramp Sports Ramp Sports, Ski Utah Ski Utah, JayBird Jaybird, Mountain Trails Mountain Trails, DNA Cycling DNA Cycling, Epic Brewing Epic Brewing, Revolution Bicycles Revolution Bicycles, SAG Belts SAG Belts & Competitive Cyclist Competitive Cyclist.



View Solitude “TourDe’Tude” MidWeekMTB.com 2013 in a larger map


Beginners – 5 miles & 1,000 vert
Sport – 8.4miles & 1,700 vert
Expert & Pro – 12 miles & 2,400 vert


Just added, 2 night stay at The Inn at Solitude Resort
2013 End'0'Season Raffle Prizes

Race 10 Results from Solitude

We love our MidWeekMTB Jerseys

We love our MidWeekMTB Jerseys “…Like the Wild West Out There”

I heard one racer say it was a bit like the Wild West, last Tuesday night up at Solitude. I’d agree, the red sunset down in the valley and dusty like smokescreen heading down Serenity, all we where missing is a racer in chaps & some cap guns.

Cash Purse Payout Announced: $7,000

Thanks to all you racers who showed up proudly sport’n your #MidWeekMTB jerseys, the Solitude Parking area never looked so sharp… and it didn’t hurt that Summit Bike Club dawned their new DNA day-glow kits either.

Fall is getting closer, so make sure you bring along a warm layer for the post race festivities.

We’ve got a handful of volunteers that are going to be up at Solitude this Saturday from 9am-’round 2pm buffing out some of the trail we use nightly, and we could definitely use a couple more. Fighting for that top spot for the season? You’ll get 50 extra points for the season total if you make your way this Saturday to lend a hand. Additionally Solitude is running a chair for our volunteers, so after the work is done, it’s time to play without having to work. RSVP HERE – so we can sort out the day’s details –

Nominations: still looking for some more nominations – super easy, send us an email info@midweekmtb.com or fill out a ballot at the next race.  Only 1 more week for suggestions to be submitted: Looking for the following (nominate a racer by Name or race plate , don’t know the name or plate#? check out the race photos here )

    — Nomination Categories —

  • King of the Hill
  • Queen of the Hill
  • Most Mechanicals Issues During the Season
  • 2013 MidWeekMTB Race Family
  • Racer with the Biggest Grin / Best Attitude
  • Biggest or Best Wipe Out (who and when)
  • Otter Pop Connoisseur
  • Racer who is All About the Hole Shot (but who may then quickly move to the back of the pack)
  • Post Race Hydration Team or Individual
  • Navigator (despite great course marking, has trouble sticking on the course)
  • Over Achiever (seems to do additional mileage/laps or vert)
  • Best Technical Support (helping with ops or gear tweaking)

Brooke and I would also like to give a big shout’out to Scheels, as they just donated a set of radios for us to use at the races! “Trail Marshall #1 You Got Your Ears On?”, “That’s a big 10-4 Finish Line Ops, We’re a big Go”

Race Results Updated

If you name is highlighted in YELLOW on the Season Accumulative results, it’s an indicator that you have raced the 6 required races in order to be eligible to win one of the following:
Just added, 2 night stay at The Inn at Solitude Resort
2013 End'0'Season Raffle Prizes

Race 8 Results from Solitude

Reasons to Smile

Reasons to Smile Solitude Racing Brings Out The Smile in Everybody

It was great even for racing up in the high alt. of Big Cottonwood last Tuesday. Thanks to Fezzari, our 2013 Solitude Venue Sponsor, who showed up in force and put out some insane raffle prizes – seriously an amazing raffle – thanks to ALL of the 2013 MidWeekMTB sponsors. We’ve noticed the Giro Helmets sponsored by Ramp Sports are always a quick item to go, almost as quickly as the set of MonkeLectric wheel lights & Kuhl clothing.

Race #8 Results & Season Accumalitives are Up –View’Em

Race pictures coming soon, keep an eye out on http://www.facebook.com/MidWeekMTB

As a reminder, next week will be our first race at Snowbird Resort. Course map still to come.  We will be starting at the CREEKSIDE LODGE  (not Tram Plaza)- it’s the newer building located at the bottom of Gad Valley Chairlift area – because Snowbird’s Entry 1 is currently closed, but you can take Entry 2 then make a hard right at the fork in the road & drive back down (west) towards the Creekside Lodge.

Register Online for Race#9 at Snowbird

For those who are eager, we will be utilizing the Mid-Valley & Baby Thunder Trails… w/some 2bl track and a bit of other stuff thrown in to make it all jive.

Salt CyclesThis is the last Race Sponsored by Salt Cycles our Corner Canyon & Snowbird Venue Sponsor, so expect to see an awesome End’0’Venue Grand Prize.  Just to get you drooling, lets recall the last 2 years –   a geared-up tandem beach cruiser (how’s that rolling Chad?)  And 2 full rocking sets of Serfas Night Riding light setups. Stop by their shop in Sandy for free high-5s. 2073 E. 9400 SO., Sandy, Utah 84093 (801) 943-8502 Shop Open 11:00 am – 7:00 pm.  Additionally, Utah Vacation Homes will be awarding one lucky winner a 3 night stay in a Little Cottonwood Utah Vacation Homes Property + Shimano & Pearl Izumi will be raffling off a pair of the new Shimano rotors & a Pearl Izumi rain/wind cycling jacket.

Jersey & Race Deal – Buy a Jersey get a FREE Race – $50 gets you a 2013 MidWeekMTB jersey produced by DNA Cycling & a FREE race registration to redeem at any of the remaining races of the season. Purchase at the Registration Table.  Sizes Still In Stock – XS, S, M & XL

Solitude Take-2 – Perfect Trails

Solitude Truck Air

Solitude Truck AirHello Solitude Resort!

Sometimes you need to earn a venue, so after paying homage to the Trail Gods (with the rain-out a couple of weeks ago), we’re ready to come back at this mtb gem for Race #8 of the season.

Excited to have  Fezzari Bicycles as our 2013 Solitude Resort venue sponsor – you can expect big grins, a bike line-up to drool over and some killer raffle goods.

Solitude Resort will be putting on a BBQ for you hungry folks – They will be cooking up Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers & Hotdogs, all for under 9bucks (full menu & prices) -CASH ONLY –

2nd-Half Special
Buy a Jersey & Get A FREE race! $50 gets you the official 2013 MidWeekMTB race jersey produced by DNA Cycling DNA Cycling Logo& a race of your choice to use or to give to a friend to entice them to ride along with you in the next race.
*Purchase at the Registration Table

The Trail Day on August 10th was canceled – no make-up date announced yet

I think ya’ll will dig the new start to one of our classic Solitude courses. The starting bypass, is just that, only for the starting lap. For Sport, Expert & Pro, your laps will utilize the tech-rutted quick up onto lower Serenity (the left at the bottom of the Link chairlift)  — all details of the course are listed on the left column in the map below (if you click to see bigger)

View New Start of Solitude Classic Short Course in a larger map

Don’t miss out on your chance to be eligible for some of the great End’0’Season prizes provided by our 2013 sponsors this year. End'0'Season Prizes
Must race in at least 6 of 12 races during the 2013 season to be eligible to win)

Rained Out

1st Solitude Race we were rained out - booohooo

Rained OutAs you all where aware, we got rained out for our first Solitude Race. Not a problem, we have the last week in August as the make-up – so in reality it just lengthens our season 1 week.

Next week’s race will be our last Park City event and will be up at Deer Valley’s Silver Lake Lodge -Because this will be our last Park City Race we will have our End-0-Venue raffle, sponsored by White Pine Touring Logo
Deer Valley Silver Lake course mapping coming soon.

If you paid in advance for last Tuesday’s race, you will have a credit that you can redeem at any of the next (last) 6 races of the season, just let us know at the registration table.

Tentative Solitude Trail Day – is set for Saturday August 10th! With Chairlift rides & BBQ to follow our hard work.  Earn your extra 50pts or just have fun tool’n some trail.

Until the next update – enjoy the brown pow… when the trails are ready.

Tenative Race Dates

Snow Biker & BladerAlright so we’re not in route for another 700″+ snow year… who cares the riding’z been a great fallback and the 2012 season is only 8,294,400 seconds away.

Big news!  We’ll be tracking in AWD this season as Mark Miller SubaruMark Miller Subaru climbed on the MidWeekMTB -race series- saddle. We are really excited about this new partnership and the great vibe and support they are bringing to our series. Sidenote: Use caution when walking into their new stylee showroom on State St. There was a shinny new wagon that caught my attention on my first visit. It slowly winked it’s headlight at me and all hushed like whispered “driiiivvvveeeee mmmmeeeee”. You’ve been warned.

This year we also have Epic Brewing Epic Brewing helping to nourish our famished racers. If you have a craving for a tasty barley pop swing through Epic Brewing’s newly added sandwich & whistle wet’n shop incorporated into their current location on State Street.

And now what you’ve all been waiting for below are tentative race dates. New for the 2012 season – we will be shredding the shaded and tacky vert at Deer Valley Resort. Deer Valley Resort
Tenative 2012 Race Dates
Race 1 May 15 Corner Canyon
Race 2 May 22 Round Valley
Race 3 June 5 Corner Canyon
Race 4 June 12 Round Valley
Race 5 June 19 Corner Canyon
Race 6 June 26 Deer Valley – Snow Park Area (lower)
Race 7 July 10 Corner Canyon
Race 8 July 17 Deer Valley – Silve Lake Area (upper)
Race 9 July 31 Solitude Resort
Race 10 August 7 Solitude Resort
Race 11 August 14 Solitude Resort
Race 12 August 21 Solitude Resort
Rain Out Options
R.O. 1 May 29 Corner Canyon or Round Valley
R.O. 2 July 3 Corner Canyon or Round Valley
R.O. 3 August 28 Corner Canyon or Round Valley or Solitude

Race Results from Solitude’s 2nd Race

Darth Vader Riding StrongThe force was strong last night

I saw SS’rs charge’n, young’ns downshift on the UP to pass, groms tail-kick’n off everything natural and all this while grin’n. I guess it would have been hard not to have a goodtime, with cool temps combo’d up with a semi-technical course and thin air-huffing, what’s not to smile about.

A big thanks to our Solitude venue sponsor, Revolution Bicycles for all of killer raffle prizes, especially those killer shades, not to mention the hype you’ve created surrounding the GoPro HD camera.

Race Results > are posted

Season points payouts are around the corner with only 3 more races to compete in make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to score.
Next Tuesday at Corner Canyon we’ve got Salt Cycles, our Corner Canyon Venue Sponsor, donating a brand new shiny red tandem bike! Check it out : All racers will have the chance to win it during the raffle.

Win this Tandem Bike at the LAST Corner Canyon Race of the Season!
click to enlarge

Anybody interested in helping run some scouts up at Corner Canyon this Saturday or any other date posted, please view our <  Trail Work > page.