Beat Sagan’s Time – Race #8 – Solitude

Peter Sagan Mountain Bike Racing Utah

With the last 2 weeks to free-ride (… and maybe a Crusher thrown in there), we know everybody is itch’n to get back to the start line.

Pre-Register Race #8 – Solitude Mountain Resort – July 11

If registering at the race, CASH ONLY!

Solitude Location


The Sagan Challenge
Peter Sagan Racing Mountain Bikes Utah

Only because, why not? This exact course was raced by the legendary Peter Sagan last season, just 2 weeks before his Olympic debut. Sagan started 1 division back, at the back of the pack (as he wanted to practice passing riders) – so subtract an additional 1 minute — making his posted finish time of 1:04:05 actually 1:03:05 (view the pro division results). A fun challenge if you like, where would you have finished?



Fezzari Bicycles LogoAll participants must sign-in at the registration table before every race. Look for the Fezzari tent, our venue sponsor.

Solitude races require an additional waiver per race – July 11th’s Solitude Race Waiver (fill-out and bring)

Registration opens at 4:30pm and closes at 6:15pm.
Race starts at 6:30pm sharp, sent off in waves.


Leave your pooch at home

The Cottonwood Canyons are watersheds and do not permit dogs – Here are specifics should be curious.

Kids 12 & Under

Summit CycleryIn an effort to provide a great experience for the kids, our grom wranglers Summit Cyclery will be on the scene, helping coach, coral, and cheer on the kids.



  1. We will setup 2 kids courses at the 3 Solitude Races. 1 will have a double track road climb and a single track descent, suited for the more advanced riders. The other course will be a mix of lawn and paved path, designed for  littlen’s on balance bikes and just starting to pedal.
  2. All kids must wear a helmet & closed-toed shoes in order to participate.


Main Event

– Start Order –

  1. Pro Men
  2. Expert Men 35+
  3. Expert Men 34-
  4. Pro / Expert Women
  5. Sport Men 34-
  6. Sport Men 35+
  7. CoEd Masters 50+
  8. Sport Women
  9. CoEd Beginner Class

Pro + Expert divisions – 2 laps ( 13miles + 2,500′ vert )
Sport + Masters divisions – 1 lap (7miles + 1,250 vert)
Beginner division (use their own downhill) – 1 lap ( 4miles + 750′ vert )



Get your’s before we close it up!




MidWeekMTB Donates Over $4,000 To Utah Trail Organizations

MidWeekMTB Donates over $4000 to Non Profits

One our favorite collaborative opportunities, is supporting the local non-profit trail and environmental foundations that sustain our the Wasatch trail system through stewardship, education, and hard work.

MidWeekMTB is very fortunate to work with the following like-minded partners: Deer Valley Resort, Snowbird Resort, Solitude Mountain Resort, UVU Heber, and Soldier Hollow.  These partners  understand the importance of supporting our trail & land steward organizations. Working together, these partners keep the MidWeekMTB event fees affordable and together we contribute a per-participant payout.

This year we are proud to have been able to donate a total of $4,383 to four great organizations: Mountain Trails Foundation, Wasatch Trails Alliance, Cottonwood Canyons Foundation & Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation.

This is over $2,000 more donated than last season! A big thanks to Solitude Mountain Resort & Soldier Hollow for joining in with this opportunity.


But That’s Not All

MidWeekMTB Trail Work
In addition to the dollars donated, MidWeekMTB racers buffed trails on 4 separate dedicated trails days throughout the season, contributing over 1,280 hours of volunteer work. Trail Day Locations: Round Valley (Park City), Coyote Loop (Heber), Solitude Mountain Resort (Big Cottonwood Canyon) & Soldier Hollow Resort (Midway)

We hope efforts like these are more contagious than inspirational — Get the bug, put in time on the trail, donated some dollars, volunteer at an event, advocate and don’t forget to pick-up that goo pack you just rolled over —


Interested In Becoming a 2017 MidWeekMTB Sponsor?

2017 Sponsorship Opportunities


MidWeekMTB & Solitude Donates $1,800


MidWeekMTB dontes $989


MidWeekMTB & Deer Valley Donate $1,138 Dollars


MidWeekMTB & Soldier Hollow donates $289


MidWeekMTB & Snowbird donate $234



2016 Podium Results

Great Season! Thanks Brooke Howard + Luke Ratto

Big UpsBig Ups & Many Thanks to our racers, volunteers, sponsors, and venues.

A new schedule, new venues, and new formats combined to make this year the most fun season yet. Thank you all for dedicating your Tuesday nights to mashing pedals with us.

Help us make next year even better by filling out our year-end survey. It’s quick and super helpful.

2016 Survey


Congratulation to our podium finishers.

$10,000 was awarded and divided out amongst our racers. Awarding $8k for cash podium awards, and $2k for nomination awards and volunteer thank yous.

note, a couple of podium places swapped after finding a few conflicts with the results – the names on the results are correct, where as the pictures are off – effected Sport Men 35+ and CoEd Beginner.

Pro Men Podium Finishers
Pro/Expert Women Podium Finshers
Expert Men 35Over Podium Finshers
Expert Men 34Under Podium Finshers
Sport Men 35Over Podium Finshers
Sport Men 34Under Podium Finshers
CoEd Masters Podium Finishers
Sport Women Podium Finshers
CoEd Beginner Podium Finishers

Dirty Dozen StickerMidWeekMTB Dirty Dozen

For those racers who raced all 12 races and finished all 12 races (no DNFs)

Brandon Naseath, Brian Thomas, Chuck Heaton, Cory Vandenheuvel, David Koenig,Denny Tynan, Greg Bromka, Jackson Howard, Jacob Draper, Jamen Bennion, Jeff Howard, Jeremy Johnson, Joe Benson, John Osguthorpe, Kristen Barlage, Rafael Palacios, Ron DeHeer, Shane Philbrick, Sienna Chilcutt


Series Results
View Results



Race Directors Brooke Howard and Luke Ratto


Brooke & I just wanted to thank you all for being such an amazing group of riders, fans, and volunteers. Your smiles, enthusiasm for racing bikes and the enjoyment you all exude spills into each and every.


Thank you all & we’ll see ya out on the trails!
Race Directors: Brooke Howard & Luke Ratto


If you’ve always wanted to get involved as a sponsor, now is the time – contact us

Last Race Of The 2016 Season

Last Race - Race 12 - Solitude

Nothing like closing out the season with a banger course. Get on up, mash’em and pass’em.

With several great 2bl track passing zones, the only reason “that one guy” beat you was because they’re faster 😉

Register For Our Last Race


Mark Miller Subaru - The 2016 Title SponsorMark Miller Subaru will be BBQ’n for all! Dinner will be the 2016 title sponsor’s treat – They’ll be accommodating all racers & their families in attendance. Don’t forget to give them some high-5s and thank’em for being such great supporters of the series.  Your last chance to get a complimentary “Trip Check” at either location is this month – read the back of your race plate for details. 


The Night

Big’Ole sponsored tables. For all you newbs out there, odds are in your favor for walking away with some spanking product from our sponsors. We’ll host our normal Post’Race Raffle (all main event racers eligible), our End’O’Venue Raffle (again, all main event racers eligible) and our MONSTER End’O’Series Raffle (only those racers who have participated in 6 races are eligible)

The Evenings Events

  1. Kids Race – both Strider & Kids 12&under starts at 6pm
  2. Main Event – 6:30pm
  3. Winner of the Cleary Bike announced
  4. Kids certificate award and podium pics (parents, bring your camera and take a pic)
  5. End’O’race raffle
  6. End’O’Venue raffle – Fezzari, Deuter, Jaybird, Smith, Scheels,
  7. Volunteer Recognitions
  8. Nomination Awards
  9. Podium Awards – custom awards created by Atmosphere – Jason is blowing minds again with this year’s 3d’esque awards.
  10. Monster End’O’Series raffle (planning on sticking around until approx 10pm)

Special Announcements

NO DOGS! Not sure who drove past the multiple “NO DOGS IN CANYON” watershed signs but please, no dogs – $650 Fine, Class B Misdemeanor. More Details

Bees – The last couple of weeks we’ve had multiple bee stings (both at Snowbird and Solitude). If you are allergic, please bring your EpiPen. Parents whose kids are out playing, please keep an eye on where they are and help guide them away from possible nest areas. It’s also been noticed, that those who’ve been stung, the likelihood that they are wearing bright (fluorescent) colors was higher.

Monster Raffle Goods

Only racers who’ve participated in 6 or more of the 14 races (Twighlight Races Count) are eligible to win. Must be present.

Cannondale Scalpel - Wasatch Brewery
GoPro Hero Pro - Thanks Mark Miller Subaru
Garmin Edge 1000 - Thanks Scheels
Simbi Fezzari - Thanks Scheels
Fezzari Bike Stand & Pump - Thanks Fezzari
Sports Gear Kit - TopKit Quad 46
GoalZero Solar Panel and Lantern
Bingham Cyclery Gift Certificate
Togs Gift Pack
Maglock Bike Pedals
Compelete Nutrition Gift Certificate
Deuter Exp 12 Pack - Thanks Deuter
Smith Forefront Helmet - Thanks Smith
Jaybird Headphones - Thanks Jaybird

Race Course

All Divisions: Beginner, Sport, Masters, Expert & Pro – 1 Lap – 900’vert


View Full Details On>

Sagan Sagan Sagan… oh ya Results

Race 11 with Peter Sagan -

What an exciting night! Having Peter Sagan show up alone would have been the coolest. But to have Peter in the line-up and witness his mashing prowess 1st hand, that was just plain incredible.

I’m sure you’re all dying to see Peter’s time – so yes, results have posted. Don’t let the time difference blind you to the fact the Montague & Osguthorpe threw down remarkable times.

Pro Men Results - top 5


View Series Results



There were a lot of pics shot. View pics shot by MidWeekMTB + view the amazing and talented shots taken by Selective Vision (like the ones in the hero image above)

If you missed race #11’s VIP showing… make sure you don’t miss race #12’s 😉

Quite a burner of a course out there, a great crescendo to the series. Next week’s course will be 1 fun lap incorporating Kruzer and Serenity for all divs… no we won’t take you guys back to the top.

Last Chance To Nominate

If you haven’t submitted any nominations, this is your last chance!


TopKit Launches Store

Topkit Gear
Topkit Gear just launched their online store front. So if you have been yearning for a piece of their line-up, your in luck! Visit TopKit Store


We’ll be following up with all the details on the final race next week at Solitude, like the Monster Raffle Prize lineup. Remeber, only those who have particpated in 6 of 14 races (TwilightMTB included) are entered to win one of the below items. Raffle maddes, regular scheduled raffle keynote by Fezzari, End’O’Venue Raffle followed by MONSTER RAFFLE! Not alone the op to take home a piece of the $10,000 in prizes for podium & nomination awards.

Monster Raffle list… thus far.


Race #11 Solitude To The Top

Race 11 - Solitude

Only 2 races left and both are up the BCC at Solitude Mountain Resort, a favorite venue for a lot of racers.

For race #11 we’ll be taking the course up to the top of Queen Bess then to the Solitude Lake in order to roll the full downhill on Kruzer (upper part is a favorite). Beginners will have their own course, sharing part of the climb with a separate descent down Serenity.
Pre-Register for Race #11

Fezzari will be sponsoring the night, and as you may have noticed from our last Solitude race, they aren’t messing around. They may have brought half their shop out for the raffle table, I think I counted 6 Maxxis tires!

As always, if you win something that you’re stoked on, let the sponsor know.



Unfortunately there is no BBQ for race #11, but MMS will have a snack setup for those looking for something to tie them over.



We’ll have 2 courses for the kids 12&under. One course for kids on pedal bikes that consists of a good climb up the road and downhill on the Down-N-Out single track. And one for balance bikes utilizing some of the grass area, paved path, and single track behind the Moonbeam lodge.

Cleary BikesOnly 2 nights left to put in an entry to win the 2nd Cleary Bike! The winner will be announced at our last race. By removing the pedals and chain on the 12″ Ghecko, you child has a great balance bike with brakes, and when they are ready just put the pedals, crank and chain back on and off they ride!



Beginner: 4 miles, 750 ft vert
Sport: approx 7 miles, 1250 ft vert
Ex/Pro: approx 13 miles, 2500 ft vert

View all the details for Race #11 on


Last Race

A couple of details regarding the last race of the season taking place on Tuesday, August 16th at Solitude Mountain Resort.

Mark Miller Subaru will be hosting a FREE BBQ for attendees, spectators, racers, family etc. So bring you chompers and enjoy a little complimentary plate.

3 Raffles! We’ll have our 1st raffle, like normal, all participants have a chance to win. Then we’ll follow that up with our End’O’Venue raffle, again everybody who racers the main event has a chance to win. At the end of the night, after the top podium finishers have been announced, we’ll have a Monster Raffle. The Monster Raffle is only for those racers who’ve participated in at least 6 of our 14 events (Tuesday nights or TwilightMTB) races. Item TBD.

Podium Awards will be presented to the top 5 finishers from Sport – Pro. In all we’ll be cashing out a combined purse of just under $10,000 !

moonbeam lodge
All of the awards and announcements will commence inside the Moonbeam Lodge, providing a great spot for everybody to sit back and relax. So bring a pair of non-chamois shorts to chill in, maybe a portable hydration station and whatever else will make the night a bit more comfortable.

Don ‘t Forget to Nominate!



Last Trail Day

The last opportunity to build up some berms, buff out some trail and earn 50pts is tomorrow at Solitude. 8am start, going until about 12 or 1 — Big Cottonwood Canyon will be closed from 2-4pm for the Tour of Utah. If I were you, I’d plan on staying up there for the closure, cheering on the leaders & pelaton, spinning a lap at Solitude and then head on down. If you are interested in attending the trail day, please either RSVP on Facebook or email us.

Race #8 Results – Solitude 1

Brian Smyer Image - Solitude Race 8

Photo by Brian Smyer of Continue Mission team member, Leslie Zimmerman.

So who didn’t love that course, besides your lungs and legs? It’s always a challenge making the step-up to the Cottonwood resorts, but an awesome step.

View Reults


A couple of important things to note below


Next week is the Mini Enduro at Deer Valley

If you didn’t get in on registration, sorry, we are maxed out. Our waiting list is pretty deep now as well, so there will not be on-spot registration.

There will be NO kids 12&Under Race. Sorry kids and parents, with all the logistical demands of this event, and it being our first one, we needed to hold off on the kids race.

Mini Enduro Details & Course


Want to earn 100 extra points towards your series total?


Soldier Hollow x2

The following Saturday, July 23, is our 3rd trail day (earns you 50pts). This one is up at Soldier Hollow – Detials & RSVP.

It’s pretty awesome timing, as the following Friday, July 29th is our last night time – #TwilightMTB race at Solider Hollow. That means we can buff out what we’ll be racing just a couple of days later.

Register for the July 29th TwighlightMTB


No Tuesday race on July 26th


Last Trail Day Scheduled

Trail Day 4 has been scheduled at Solitude on Saturday, August 6th (earns you 50pts). At Solitude, after the trail work has been completed we are granted chairlift access as a thank you. You can use the lift access for lift assisted mountain biking, to get up to the 1st of 18 holes of their amazing frisbee golf course or just to ride up and hike down. Detials & RSVP


Moving On Over To Solitude

Race 8 Solitude

Another great evening lined up in a Cottownwood Canyon, this time, the BCC and we’ll be at Solitude Mountain Resort at the Moonbeam base area on Tuesday, July 11.

Register – Race #8 Solitude



Mark Miller Subaru will not be BBQ’n this Tuesday, but will have some cold drinks and snacks available.


Fezzari Bicycles

Is back out as our race night venue sponsor. Swing by and check out their mtb & road quiver. Something you may not know, the Fezzari business model is direct to consumer, helping keep prices low. Fezzari offers super competitive pricing on top-end builds and include a 23pt custom fit for every bike sold. Check’em out online


Top Kit

Brad & Melanie will be back out showing off their new MTB travel bags dubbed TopKit. Enter for your chance to win a custom bag & a set of their colored zipper pulls dubbed Kudos. Follow Their Latest


Two Trail Days

Our last trail day has been scheduled. Two opportunities left to earn 50pts points towards series points.

  1. Soldier Hollow on Saturday, July 23RSVP Here On Facebook or Email
  2. Solitude on Saturday, August 6thRSVP HERE On Facebook or Email


Course Details

  • Beginners: (seperate downhill) 3.5 miles – 700′ climbing. Once up at Serenity / Queen Bess junction, head left down Serenity (all other divs go straight through on Upper Serenity)
  • Sport: 2 lap – 8.75 miles – 1,500′
  • Pro/Expert/Vet: 3 laps – 12.75 miles – 2,200′ vert