Race 2 – Last Corner Canyon

Bring Your Big Wheels

The Second MidWeekMTB race is Tuesday, May 6

We’ve been watching the forecasts closely – we’ve got a 70% + of a stellar night. If we do have to cancel tomorrow, and you pre-registered, we will honor that registration & payment for the following make-up date, scheduled the following Tuesday, May 13.

We will be sure to alert with any updates via Facebook (facebook/MidWeekMTB) & Twitter (@MidWeekMTB1) through-out tomorrow (so stay tuned)

Register Online for Race #2 – Corner Canyon

Remember, ALL racers must sign-in and if you turned in a 2014 Liablity Waiver, you’re set for the season, if you haven’t yet, you can download one here.
Ideally a 15 minute sprinkle falls around 4pm adding a bit of tackiness and cooling off the temps.

Mark Miller Subaru will be hosting a their juicy $5 BBQ meal – quenching those post-work/race hungers.

We will be starting down below the Equestrian coral again. Please be courteous to the horses and their riders/trainers by slowly approaching (if need be) and don’t hesitate to talk to them. Horses are easily frightened by the sound of Chris King hubs…  they historically prefer the DT smoothness.

Course is currently marked – enjoy!

Rush Rampage Course

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DVR Results & Priming for Solitude

White Touring Grand Prize Winners

White Touring Grand Prize Winners

It was heard over and over Tuesday night, “what a sweet course, thanks!”.

Not a problem, we do what we can. Thanks to Deer Valley Resort, Mark Miller Subaru and White Pine Touring for helping the night’s smile factor go from big to bigger.

Race#8 Race Results

(Season points are being worked on, up soon)

You guys ready for Solitude? Jeff’s been out peddling and has come up with a new course idea which I think you’ll all love. Enjoy next week off and we’ll see you on July 31 at the Moonbeam parking lot ready for the needled trees, shaded trail and cool temps.

Register Online for Solitude on July 31


Trophy Winners SilouhetteSeason payouts are being configured + season GRAND PRIZES are being collected + Mark Miller Subaru racer BBQ is being solidified = AWESOMENESS

There is the possibility that we will be hosting another trail day up at Solitude to finish what we started, but we’re on hold until Kieth can find some more bank’n-material.

Season End’r

2011 Top Place Finishers

Thank you racers, sponsors and volunteers.  You guys made the 2011 MidWeekMTB-race series- epic!

Final top finisher recognition:

Pro Men:
1st – Alex Grant
2nd – Ryan Ashbridge
3rd – Chad Harris
4th – Drew Free
5th – Brandon Firth
Pro/Expert Women:
1st – Janelle Kremer
2nd + 3rd – Erika Powers tied w/ Michelle Hollingsed
4th – Erica Tingey
5th – Roxanne Toly
Expert Men:
1st – Erik Harrison
2nd – Chris Peters
3rd – Ian Beaty
4th – Zac Peterson
5th – Julian Gasiewski
Sport Men:
1st – Scott Kauf
2nd – Mike McBride
3rd – Darren Balls
Sport Women:
1st – Hailey Batten
2nd – Sally Fairbaim
3rd – Heather Heminway-Habs
Beginner Men:
1st – Bryn Bingham
2nd – Mike Turner
3rd – Jeremy Pierson
Beginner Women:
1st – Lauren Bingham
2nd – Kristen Barlage
3rd – Lyn Spataro

Men's and Women's Hero

Final Results are < Posted Here >

Stay tuned for updated poll requests, photos from Zazoosh.com, new season updates, trail volunteer oportunities and more.

Now go enjoy a casual ride.

Mustach-e-o Kids



Results from Corner Canyon’s Last Race

Winner of the Tandem Bike

What I can’t say is how much you all will be missing Corner Canyon, but what I CAN say is, Chad was stoked on winning the Tandem bike that Salt Cycles kicked down.

What a sweet race Tuesday was, thank you all for hammering through the 90° temps. and having such a great time.

Brooke just posted a ton of pics on Facebook, so make sure to check them out and tag your friends.

Race Results are up, < check’em >

We’ve only got 2 more races left, both up at lung-love’n Solitude altitude, so make sure to come prep’d for a burner.  I will be setting up the course, most likely, on Sunday as to help avoid weekend traffic conflicts.

We still have some MidWeekMTB jerseys left, $25, get’em while you can!

Once again, a huge thank you to Salt Cycles for all of the awesome C.C. support, prizes and grins. Hope to see you guys up at Solitude for the last 2.

A big thanks to Bill Becker for rallying up some food certificates for the raffle and helping to coordinate trail days to keep the improvement of Corner Canyon full steam ahead.

See ya Tuesday!


Oh Ya! $6,000 + in Purse Payouts this Year!

Get Those PointsThe purse has been figured and there is only 3 more races to get those points!

Tuesday is the last Corner Canyon race of the season. So head south and enjoy a SLC valley vista and the fun flow of C.C. We’re running the same fast, mid-ring rally that we did last C.C. race.  < check the course > I set the course yesterday and road through the wildfire area and there is no conflict with our course.  The 2bl track down and up on the “lap’r” is the only section within it’s boundaries, all single track is outside of the burn.  As a clarifier, the lap zone has a round-about for the laps, downhill traffic stay LEFT, and just break out of the round about for your finisher. Kids course will remain the same, around the lower section.

Forecast is looking great, upper 80° with clear skies, so make sure you bring some pre + post hydration fluids.

Win this Tandem Bike
click to enlarge

YES! this is the raffle that  will be offering up a brand new 4peddle’n machine. You’ve gotta love our venue sponsors, as they support our races not only with volunteers and event support but also with some amazing raffle prizes.

Go ahead and < Pre-Pay >

Adios Round Valley – Hello Corner Canyon and Solitude

Sprint Finisher PhotoI’m sad to say that Tuesday was the last MidWeekMTB race at Round Valley, a venue that will surely be missed. But don’t fret peddle pushers, we’ve got some South Valley Corner Canyon battles and cool temp, high alt. Solitude rallies ahead of us.

If you haven’t seen the killer photos, explore them on our MidWeekMTB FB page

Round Valley Race Results from July 12 – < click here >  Season Totals – < click here >

1st off to White Pine Touring! We couldn’t have had such a succesful venue without all of your help. Secondly thanks to Mountain Trails Foundation for helping to keep our trails in such rip’n condition. And lastly a big thanks to the Park City community for accomodating our tazmania-like-dust storms on Tuesday nights.


See you all on July 26th at Corner Canyon for a *NEW* course. Still offer the < pre pay > options, so feel free if it makes it easier for you.

Rev Them Internal Engines…

Get Your Race'n Bikes Ready… and get your race’n bikes ready, because this is going to be your last chance to rally Round Valley’s middle-ring madness. We know some of you are going to be burnt from the PC50, but this is a perfect lactic level’r. So clean off the mid-mountain dusk and lube up for a chance to win an epic prize from White Pine Touring.

The R.V. course is going to be the last course we raced, #3 — < click here to view > …as a result from your votes. Course will be flagged/marked by the end of today (Saturday) for a pre-ride.

July is MidWeekMTB’s recovery month, only 2 races this month, this Tuesday at Round Valley and the 26th at Corner Canyon then it’s time to step-it-up to the summer’s good life;  cool temps, high altitude pines and more technical terrain…. yep Solitude Mountain Resort will be starting for us the first week of August (on 8/2).

We still have some sweet MidWeekMTB – race series- jerseys left, so get’em while you can. Several folks have asked to reserve them, and we have, but they’re not claiming, so please do.  Jerseys are $37.50 (that’s including tax) If you haven’t seen them yet… < MidWeekMTB -race series- Jersey >

PRE-PAY > for the last R.V. race and we’ll see you all there!

A Week Off, A Holiday to Celebrate and 1 Poll to Vote In

A what? One Handed-Superman-Wheelie?  sickEnjoy the 4th of July & Don’t Forget to Vote

I’m sure you are all fairly bummed that we are taking next week off, especially since everybody is in the groove. But don’t frown, we’ve got a rip’n evening lined-up for July 12th, the last of the Round Valley Races, and to help it go out in style we’ve got white pine touringWhite Pine Touring, our Round Valley Venue Sponsor, offering up a killer prize for the raffle.

“what course” ? better vote on it. (left column of website) Looks like the last Round Valley Course, #3 is killing it, can’t blame ya, it was pretty sweet.

New pics are up on Facebook, we highly recommend you do a little tag’n, make some comments, you know, have a little fun with’em.
I made some revamps to the Results page, nothing big. The top link, with the download icon that looks like Download Latest Season Point Totals, it will always have the latest Season Point Standings.  As for the individual races, those will have their own links associated with them. I recently had the request to break the PDF files down into individual pages… sorry, the way we have it configured it would be a too much work. Our main Excel sheet as of late was around 160 individual pages, so… nope, SORRY.

It’s going to be a great weekend for a long ride, and maybe a little trail maintenance. Once again, I want to put it out there, I will be heading up a Volunteer Group that will be doing trail work at Corner Canyon, Round Valley (or where Mountain Trails would like the assistance) and at Solitude.  These will not be huge endeavors, nobody carries a whip, it’s just a laid back day helping to keep the trails your rip in plush condition.  If anybody is interested just send me an email  info (@) midweekmtb.com and I can keep you in the loop.

I also heard there was spam out there, please make sure you check who the email address was from, not just the subject line.

So Enjoy and light some of those newly legal black-powder entertainers.