2017 Podium Finishers

What an epic season it has been!

11 Cross-Country races at 7 venues 

  • Heber, Utah : Coyote Trail System
  • Draper, Utah : Corner Canyon Trail System
  • Park City, Utah : Round Valley Trail System
  • Deer Valley Resort, Utah : Snowpark Lodge and Silver Lake Lodge Trail Systems
  • Snowbird, Utah : MidGad Trail System
  • Solitude Mountain Resort, Utah : Moonbeam Trail System

2 of the USA’s only Mini-Enduros at 2 venues

  • Deer Valley Resort, Utah : Silver Lake Trail System
  • Snowbird, Utah : Big Mountain Trails & MidGad Trail System

A big thank you to all of our sponsors, racers, families, and friends.

And without further Adu – Your 2017 #MidWeekMTB race series podium finishers.

Pro Men
Men Pro 1. John Osgurthorpe    2.Justin Desilets    3. Sam Sweetser 4. Seth Saxton 5. Thomas Bender


Pro/ Expert Women 1. Erika Erika R Powers 2. Morgan Hales 3. Ami Stuart 4. Trista Sanderson Winder 5. Kendyl Nelson


Expert Men 35+ 1. Gary Wekluk 2. Mick Harris 3. Reed Topham 4. Jeff Howard 5. Michael Thomas


Expert Men 34- 1. Gabe Noorda 2. Jacob Draper 3. Andrew Draper 4. Adam Cole 5. Kason Perkes


Men Sport 35+ 1. Brian Zimmer 2. Luke Ratto 3. Jeff Eggleston 4. Brian Thomas 5. Marc Barlage


Sport Men 34- 1. Jason Webb 2. Zach Despain 3. Isaac McCombs 4. Jason Lux 5. Breck Barbee




Sport Women 1. Brayden Barlage 2. Lauren Zimmer 3. Angela Johnson 4. Lynsey Pexton 5. Andrea Cebrio
Co-Ed Masters 50+ 1. Gregg Broomka 2. Randall Autry 3. Joe Benson 4. Chris Bingham 5. Carl Horton


Coed Beginners
Coed Beginners 1. Maddux Leonard 2. Hale Nickell 3. Bryan Pala 4. Porter Hollberg 5. Myles Perry 1. Maddux Leonard 2. Hale Nickell 3. Bryan Pala 4. Porter Hollberg 5. Myles Perry

2013 Season Comes to End

Horsey Pic

12 Races + 5 Venues = Best Season Yet

We started the 2013 season in April, in the SLC valley at Corner Canyon, then we moved on up to Round Valley & Deer Valley Resort for May + June, then we threw in a new amazing venue, Snowbird Resort, and we topped it all off in August at 8,000 feet amongst the timber & moose at Solitude Resort. If you thought that was the best season yet, just wait until 2014 take way.

As a result of the amazing participation the MidWeekMTB -race series’s dedicated community we where able to contribute the following:

  • 200+ hours of trail volunteer work spread between Park City & Solitude Resort
  • $1,000 cash donated the Mountain Trails Foundation in collaboration with Deer Valley Resort
  • $500 cash donated to the Cottonwood Canyons Foundation in collaboration with Snowbird Resort
  • And JUST at the final race, $7,000 in cash awarded to the top podium finishers & another estimated $8,000 in sponsored prizes spread throughout the raffle & nomination awards.
  • Not to mention the grin contribution our riders that they offered family and friends on race day.

Mark Miller Subaru
A big shout-out to Mark Miller Subaru, the  2013 Title Sponsor, who not only have some amazing BBQ’n talents, but have been essential to the series success.

Applause and salutations to our 3 extraordinary venue sponsors, Salt Cycles Salt Cycles(Corner Canyon & Snowbird) + White Pine Touring White Pine Touring(Round Valley & Deer Valley Resort) + Fezzari Fezzari Bikes(Solitude Resort). These shops and their dedicated emps who never failed to support each race with great vibes & killer raffle goods go above and beyond to stoke out the series.

Big Ups to the Young Riders Organization Young Riders – not only for supporting us with Deb Lovci (our wondrous kids coach) but also for helping champion our races with volunteers.

Additionally we’d like to offer some high’5s (down-low + up-high) to: Jaybird Gear, Ramp Sports, Utah Vacation Homes, RaceLeap, Kuhl Clothing, Scheels, Atmosphere Studios, Shimano-Pearl Izumi, Athletic Republic & DNA Cycling.

And a big Aloha Shoka to: ProGold Lubricants, Ellsworth Bicycles, Vega Sport, SAG Belts, Competitive Cyclists, Beardo Wear, Automated Business Products, Revolution Bicycles, Monkeylectric, Epic Brewing, Summit Bike Club, Complete Nutrition, Ski Utah, Static, Snowbird Resort, Deer Valley Resort & Solitude Resorts.

Without the corroboration of our 2013 sponsors mentioned above our grin factor would be no where near as huge – support those who support the series you love.

We’d also like to thank all of our volunteers, without their help, the races would not operate as smoothly nor be as fun as they are – SO THANK YOU!

The 2013 Podium Finishers

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-> All Race Pics Viewable Here

Final Season Results Found Here

Season End’r

2011 Top Place Finishers

Thank you racers, sponsors and volunteers.  You guys made the 2011 MidWeekMTB-race series- epic!

Final top finisher recognition:

Pro Men:
1st – Alex Grant
2nd – Ryan Ashbridge
3rd – Chad Harris
4th – Drew Free
5th – Brandon Firth
Pro/Expert Women:
1st – Janelle Kremer
2nd + 3rd – Erika Powers tied w/ Michelle Hollingsed
4th – Erica Tingey
5th – Roxanne Toly
Expert Men:
1st – Erik Harrison
2nd – Chris Peters
3rd – Ian Beaty
4th – Zac Peterson
5th – Julian Gasiewski
Sport Men:
1st – Scott Kauf
2nd – Mike McBride
3rd – Darren Balls
Sport Women:
1st – Hailey Batten
2nd – Sally Fairbaim
3rd – Heather Heminway-Habs
Beginner Men:
1st – Bryn Bingham
2nd – Mike Turner
3rd – Jeremy Pierson
Beginner Women:
1st – Lauren Bingham
2nd – Kristen Barlage
3rd – Lyn Spataro

Men's and Women's Hero

Final Results are < Posted Here >

Stay tuned for updated poll requests, photos from, new season updates, trail volunteer oportunities and more.

Now go enjoy a casual ride.

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