Season End’r

2011 Top Place Finishers

Thank you racers, sponsors and volunteers.  You guys made the 2011 MidWeekMTB-race series- epic!

Final top finisher recognition:

Pro Men:
1st – Alex Grant
2nd – Ryan Ashbridge
3rd – Chad Harris
4th – Drew Free
5th – Brandon Firth
Pro/Expert Women:
1st – Janelle Kremer
2nd + 3rd – Erika Powers tied w/ Michelle Hollingsed
4th – Erica Tingey
5th – Roxanne Toly
Expert Men:
1st – Erik Harrison
2nd – Chris Peters
3rd – Ian Beaty
4th – Zac Peterson
5th – Julian Gasiewski
Sport Men:
1st – Scott Kauf
2nd – Mike McBride
3rd – Darren Balls
Sport Women:
1st – Hailey Batten
2nd – Sally Fairbaim
3rd – Heather Heminway-Habs
Beginner Men:
1st – Bryn Bingham
2nd – Mike Turner
3rd – Jeremy Pierson
Beginner Women:
1st – Lauren Bingham
2nd – Kristen Barlage
3rd – Lyn Spataro

Men's and Women's Hero

Final Results are < Posted Here >

Stay tuned for updated poll requests, photos from, new season updates, trail volunteer oportunities and more.

Now go enjoy a casual ride.

Mustach-e-o Kids



Results In + Records Broken + Smiles All Around

June 22, 2011 MidWeekMTB Race Line-UP - 160 Racers

Big’Grin’n while Big Ring’N

We had record numbers last night hitting 160 Racers! I’m pretty sure everybody gets the idea, more racers = bigger series $$ payout $$. For those of you who may not know, at the last race of the 2011 series, held up at Solitude Mountain Resort, we will be awarding the top finishers in the Pro + Expert classes (men and women) with large sums of cash, and if this participation keeps up we may be able to also include the Sport Class!

White Pine Touring
White Pine Touring @
Round Valley
Salt Cycle
Salt Cycle @
Corner Canyon
Revolution Bicycles
Revolution Bicycles @
Solitude Mountain Resort

PLUS at the last race at EACH location our venue sponsors will be raffling off a super prize, so don’t miss those. And of course at the last race of the season, not only will the top finishers be awarded a ca$h bag, and our category top finishers be given sweet custom MidWeekMTB awards made by CNC Routing but we will also have some insane raffle prizes that only those who race in 6 races during the season have the opportunity to win.

< Latest Race Results >

Shout OUTWe just wanted to give a shout out to our awesome volunteers.  Thank you all for helping with the Registration Table, Time Keeping, Medical Support, Deb rounding up all the kids + the Mountain Trails Foundation for all your hard work maintaining our trails we couldn’t put on such an amazing event with out all of your help.  So thank you!




And We’re Off!

1st Corner Canyon Race Photo Gallery on FacebookPicture Gallery is up in Facebook,
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Race Results are in:  ( check’em )

What a great evening!  Thanks to the racers, parents, family, rip’n little groms and our sponsors.

Did you guys like the Complete Nutrition Rezzerect Bev? They are offering 25% OFF to all racers on all products. Just drop in and let’em know your with the Mid Week MTB -race series-. Complete Nutrition Locations

We could really use a couple of volunteers to help look after some Eagle Scouts while building a new Corner Canyon trail.  Please, we’re only asking for 4 hours 4 times, it is something small to give back to our great Utah MTB community.  Contact us if your interested:

Who were all those rally’n little groms out there?  I got passed by some rock star named Haley within the first mile, and I got a 30 second start on her!  And the BikeFix Posse, better watch out, cause they’re “Big-Ring’n-it” (UT © ChrisP) .  We have some great athletes and a whole lot of smiling. Help spread the word and increase those purses.

To cutback on SandBaggers we will not have a payout for the Sport class this year. Which in turn makes the payout larger for the Expert Men/Women and Pro Men/Women. So please, step-it-up. Better to move up a class now than later as you will only be able to take 1/2 your accumulated points with you.

Don’t forget you can Pay Online before NOON of the race day.

Suggestion? let us know, it’s your race too : (add a comment to the post)