MidWeekMTB MiniEnduro at Snowbird

Snowbird MiniEnduro

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All the race info you need for Tuesday, August 8th’s MiniEnduro

photo : Dan Ransom

New to the Enduro format?

Enduro is a form of Mountain bike racing in which there is a number of timed downhill sections of trail, and a number of uphill transfer stages, which are not timed, but might have time limits to complete (but not in our case)




Since this format of racing takes longer to complete we have capped the number of participants.


Tuesday, August 8th


Registration will close on Sunday evening.

We will not issue refunds or allow transfers after Sunday evening.

Bring your race plate!
(if you have one from racing with us this season. If this is your first race with us, will assign you one when you check-in at registration.


MidWeekMTB Waiver (all racer must have completed our waiver ONCE during the 2017 season) Download 2017 MidWeekMTB Waiver
Snowbird Waiver – all racers must fill-out and turn in Snowbird’s waiver  2017 Snowbird Waiver


New race participants will be contacted regarding race division prior to race day. Those who have previously participated in a 2017 MidWeekMTB race will participate under their current division unless otherwise stated.


Pro and Expert divisions will ride 3 stages with 2 transfers.

Sport, Masters and Beginners will ride 2 stages with 2 transfer.

Racers have until Sunday afternoon to change their participating division.

NO ADJUSTMENTS WILL BE MADE AFTER SUNDAYIf you want to change divisions, contact us asap

Divisions: Pro Men, Expert Men 35+, Expert Men 34-, Pro/Expert Women, Sport Men 35+, Sport Men 34-, Master Co-Ed, Sport Women and Beginner.

Depending on rider ability, the course may require you to dismount and walk, and that’s okay! Its good to be challenged, and it’s even better to acknowledge your limitations. If you do dismount BE VERY CONSCIOUS of approaching/descending participants & give them the right of way.


Do to the nature of the evening, there will be NO KIDS 12&Under event. Sorry 🙁





Please use Snowbird’s Entry 1 for Creekside. There is plenty of parking, but carpooling is always a appreciated.
Snowbird – Creekside Entry 1 – Map Location



The registration table will open at approx 3pm on Tuesday, August 8th and be located near the Creekside lodge at Snowbird.  ALL participants are required to check-in & pick-up/verfiy their RFID chip for timing, pick-up race plate (if a new participant), sign-in and ensure both Snowbird and MidWeekMTB liability waivers have been completed.

RFID Chip Care

Do not bend, fold, puncture or get RFID sticker wet or timing may not function. Remove your plates prior to cleaning your bike. If you lose your plate with the RFID chip, replacement is $15.



First wave will head-out at 5pm.

Your chosen/assigned race division will determine your exact start time. Each division will only slightly vary on start times. This race requires participants to pedal uphill, no lift access.



After climbing the 1st transfer, racers will wait to be sent down stage one by one from the timing director at the stage start line. Racers will be sent every 30 seconds. This will offer a good “racer to racer” buffer while keeping the pace moving. 30 seconds to 1 minute is the average racer gap in Enduro Racing. Racers will descend in front or behind like division participants.



There will be no food available at the Creekside area. But feel free to bring some along, grill up the pavement and enjoy the evening watching riders finish.


Overtaking or being overtaken is very straight forward and whatever the level of race, there’s no excuse for getting frustrated. If you want to pass a rider, let them know you’re there by shouting “Rider”, then pass with communication when it’s safe. They might be slower than you but they’re probably involved in their own personal race against a group of buddies or for a different podium, so let them find a safe spot. Look for somewhere safe to pass and let them know what side you’re about to pass on – surprising often results in unexpected and undesirable outcomes. If you are being overtaken, simply pull over to a safe area as soon as it’s safe then get back on the pedals once the rider has passed – don’t be a rolling road block.



Newly adjusted for the 2017 Enduro season, riders MAY attempt a Track Stand Start (balancing on both pedals), but it’s not required. If you start before the buzzer there will be a time penalty of 30 seconds issued.



Bingham Cyclery Stick around, we’ll be awarding podiums after the race. Bingham Cyclery has some killer prizes to award, including some strong presence from G-Form. The Scott Enduro Cup has setup LIVE stage by stage results, just download Is Your Race app. This also allows you to catch any issues.



Enduro Fanny PacksSince we are crossing participants from XC to an Enduro format, I wanted to help curb any concerns regarding bikes or the likes. I have completed the course on a hardtail and my FS, both steeds offer you fun, but of course, the squish is appreciated at higher speeds. Will you have more fun on a FS bike? Possibly, but that’s up to you, what you’re currently riding and what your riding style & preference is. Do you need pads, a full-face helmet & goggles? Again, that is up to you and what makes you feel comfortable. A proper helmet and closed-toed shoes are the only safety requirement from operations.


End’O’Race Raffle

Don’t miss your opportunity to get in on the End’O’Race raffle. We’ve got some killer items to give away in thanks to these guys.  All participants will receive a ticket to win after the race. The raffle will commence upon the last participant to cross the finish line. So come prepared to hang-out, ie TEMPS will cool off quickly, bring an extra layer.



As mentioned above, the course varies depending on the division you have selected. Pro + Expert divisions will have 3 DH stages and 2 Transfers (no lifts, your bikes have drivetrains). Sport, Masters, and Beginners will ride 2 DH stages and 2 Transfer. The 1st Transfer for Pro/Exp will be a ruthless grind, so bring some fluids.

Stage Order and Starting Times

  • 5:00 PM – Pro Men / Exper Men 35&over | head to Stage 1
  • 5:05 PM – Sport Men 35&over | head to Stage 2
  • 5:15 PM – Expert Men 34&under | head to Stage 1
  • 5:20 PM – Sport Men 34&under | head to Stage 2
  • 5:25 PM – Pro/Expert Women | head to Stage 1
  • 5:30 PM – Sport Women/Masters/Beginner | head to Stage 2


Transfer 1

Transfer 1 - Snowbird - Pro/Exp Only
The first transfer is for Pro/Exp only. It will be a grunt, no doubt. Riders will leave the Creekside lodge area and ride up the Creek View road to the start of the MidWay Trail (by the tram bridge), ride up the MidWay Trail to the Gad Meadow, head across to hop onto the Rothman Mad service road, before making a tight right up the Gad Valley service road, taking it up just above the MidGad Restaurant where the Big Mountain Trail intersects the Gad Valley Service Road.  The service roads are what is going to the hurt, we included the MidWay trail to make things a little nicer for ya’s.


Stage 1

Stage 1 - Snowbird Mini Enduro - Pro/Exp Only

Stage 1 starts at where the Big Mountain Trail intersects the Gad Valley service road, above the MidGad Restaurant. This section is chunky and ripping. Riders will take it down for 2 miles and the stage finish pad will be just before the Big Mountain Trail turns into the MidWay Trail.

Stage 2 – All Divisions

Stage 2 - Snowbird Min Enduro -

Stage 2 starts at the 2nd Baby Thunder entrance off of Rothman Way service road. Again, a chunky trail, but with some killer flow. There’s a lot of angled granite slabs to slice your rubber and push you offline, trees to avoid and damp springs to cross, but there are also some bomber pine carpets and roots to rally.

Pro/Expert division will simply pedal down to the start of “Stage 2”.  Sport/Masters and Beginners will actually hit “Stage 2” second and send “Stage 3” first. We’ll help you make sense of it, just chill.


Transfer 2

Transfer 2 - Snowbird Mini Enduro

Pro/Expert classes will use transfer 3. It’s a simple and basic pedal up the Creek Road.


Stage 3 – All Divisions

Stage 3 - Snowbird Mini Enduro

Stage 3 is the last stage for Pro/Expert and the 1st stage for Sport/Masters/Beginners. This stage is pedally with a bit of fun thown in. It’s quick, but a surprising burning heading down canyon, following the creek. The stage starts where the Dean’s Delights and the Dickbass Highway service road intersect. Riders send Dean’s Delight until it pops them out onto the Gad Summer Road. The finish pad will be just down the hill, giving riders 1 last loose turn to make-up or loose time.


Narrated POV done-up by the Highliners MTB team

— NOTE —
stage 2 (Baby Thunder) starts after the road descent shot (9:30 mark in video).
Stage 3 (Deans Delight) starts at the Dick Bass highway crossing at (2:52 mark in the video)

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