Last MidWeekMTB Mountain Bike Race - Utah - Solitude Mountain Resort

Last Race – Solitude


And just like that, the last race of the season is upon us. This is a packed post, so take your time and give a good read through.

MidWeekMTB MiniEnduro at Snowbird

Snowbird MiniEnduro


All the race info you need to have a great night racing the MiniEnduro format with #MidWeekMTB at Snowbird on August 8th!

Race 10 – Solitude


Race #10 is going down at Solitude on Tuesday, August 1 – Course Details – Results from Race #9 at Snowbird have posted.

Race #9 – Snowbird (XC)


We’ve got a new course line-out for race #9 at Snowbird — pst, it’s an XC

Deer Valley Mini-Enduro


The Deer Valley Mini-Enduro event details — Please read this in full – Lots to cover, from course descriptions to the difference between the divisions.