About the Series

Our Goal for the Race Series

The series is founded on offering a friendly race environment for all ability levels at an affordable price – $17 for Cross Country and $35 for Mini Enduro.
Additionally, we offer the opportunity for families to get out together or for a parent to get their children started in mountain biking. We offer a FREE kids 12 & under race at all of the cross country races.

Types of Races

Cross Country
Our cross country races are “Sprint Short-Course”.
In order to podium you gotta know how to pass, position and push ’dem peddles.
Race divisions determine the course difficulty, on average the race should take around 1hr to complete. Usually Pro & Expert courses will be the same, consisting of around 12-15 miles, Sport around 7-9 miles and Beginner around 4-5 miles. Don’t let the distances fool you, remember it’s meant to be an all out push – vertical gain varies per venue.

Mini Enduro
min·i  /ˈminē/  adjective – denoting a miniature version of something
en·dur·o  /inˈd(y)o͝orō/  noun – a type of mountain bike racing where the downhills are timed and the uphills are not
Our Mini Enduros usually have 2-3 stages across some of the Wasatch Front and Back’s best venues. If you have always wanted to give enduro racing a try, minis are the place to start.

Following every race is our famous “End’O’Race Raffle”. All participating riders get a raffle ticket for a chance to walk away with some amazing goods. Our sponsors take the race goods to the next level.

Meet The Race Director

Jackie Baker

I’m very excited (and a little scared) to be tagging in as your Race Director for the Mid Week MTB Series. Brooke and Luke have created a truly special community. My goal is to continue the Mid Week MTB Series’ legacy as a fun, positive, and rewarding experience for everyone involved.  Many of you know me from the 2016 season when I help to run the free Mid Week kids’ races as a sponsor, or perhaps from when I served you drinks and gelato from the Dose SLC coffee truck. I met many of you when I was coordinating the Huntsman 140 bike rides in 2014 and 2015. And yes, I may have helped you pick out a bike or gear accessory while I was working at one of our incredible Salt Lake City cycling retailers. But most likely, we’ve pedaled together–and if we haven’t yet, I am sure that we will!

Contact Jackie: Jackie (@) midweekmtb.com

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